Thermal and acostic insulation in one

Paul Boughton

The Arma-Chek Sound systems consist of a sandwich construction of Armaflex, the
sound-absorbing Armafoam Sound and the Arma-Chek covering material. Depending on the application, the product is supplied in various layers and thicknesses. The insulation system was originally developed for use in marine and offshore environments, but
Arma-Chek Sound offers a solution for all industries which need acoustic pipe insulation. Arma-Chek Sound can be installed on pipelines for noise control of compressors, pumps and valves. Unlike traditional insulation systems made from mineral wool and metal cladding, Arma-Chek Sound is fibre-free and based on closed-cell technology. This greatly reduces the risk of under insulation corrosion caused by water ingress.

Armacell GmbH, Marine & offshore ivision, is based in Münster, Germany.


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