Man-riding hoists

Paul Boughton

With the arrival of the Tractel’s Oilpatch Hoist, workers who had previously relied upon others to operate the hoist can now safely control their own ascent and descent with a radio control system.

This internal FCC compliant radio control telemetry systems has an operating range of 100m, with an option to extend the range up to 300m. Other features include an emergency stop button. The hoist is mounted in the crown of the rig.

The XE301P hoist comes in 110 or 220V with a rated load of 300kg (up to 2000kg available), operating at 35fpm. The ambient operating temperature of this hoist is -40 to 70°C. For colder climates low temperature synthetic oil is optional. This hoist has three separate brakes: a primary electromagnetic brake, a secondary brake to protect against run-offs, and a controlled descent brake for emergency lowering if loss of power occurs.

Tractel Griphoist Division is based in Canton, MA, USA.


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