Grid computing with embedded systems for industrial use

Paul Boughton

Grid and cluster computing comes up to be more popular for high-performance scientific computing.

The basic idea is simple: a pool of computers is used to solve a common problem. These computers are connected over communication channels for sharing the same information base.
This computing concept is also possible with 32-bit-based embedded systems.
A typical embedded system with MCU nd memory forms the computer. SPI, I2C, CAN, high-speed UARTs, parallel bus ystems or Ethernet-based back planes are used to implement the communication channels between this pool of embedded systems.
A good sample for an embedded grid computing node is the DIL/NetPC DNP/2110. This system provides an Intel400MHz PXA255 Xscale-based low power embedded controller for high-speed embedded networking applications.
The DNP/2110 offers the footprint of a standard 64-pin DIL socket with 2.54mm centres (0.1 inch pin mechanical grid) and all the hardware and software features necessary to add high-speed networking capabilities to any product design.

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