Intrinsically safe power supply

Paul Boughton

A new power supply has been designed by R Stahl's explosion protection division that can supply more power to field devices while remaining intrinsically safe.

This is a step forward for process engineering, where intrinsically safe equipment generally operates at low energy to prevent electrical devices from creating arcs, sparks, or heat that could ignite an explosive substance.
Driven by demand for an ATEX approved version of the company's 9381 power supply, the new 9143 power supply is designed for use in zone 1 and 2. It is typically used to power 3 or 4 wire transducers, solenoid valves, light barriers, controllers and operating terminals.
Operating on a 24Vac/dc or 85--250Vac input, the ISPac9143 range is available with 4V to 17V output.

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