Hybrid linear/switchmode design results in high efficiency for photo-multiplier

Paul Boughton

Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corporation's new MPS High Voltage Module is designed for use in a variety of applications, ranging from mass spectrometry, electron beam, electrostatic printing, or nuclear instrumentation.

The MPS offers extremely high efficiency due to an innovative Hybrid topology.
Combining Spellman's proprietary circuitry for both linear and switchmode designs, the 10kV 10W MPS module attains efficiency approaching 85percent, and ripple ratings of 0.001percent Vp-p. Extremely stable operation at .02percent drift over 8hours of operation and a temperature coefficient of <25ppmperoC, makes the MPS an exceedingly attractive power supply option for system specifiers working in application areas where precision is paramount.
At barely an inch in height and less than three in width (1.18-in Hx2.75-in Wx5.12-in D (30x70x130mm), the ultra compact MPS utilises Spellman's surface mount technology (SMT) for robust performance in the smallest feasible package size. Fully addressable by a convenient end-user 15-pin Sub-D interface which allows for voltage and current control and monitoring, the dual polarity MPS is also customisable in OEM volumes for large scale system applications.

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