Module includes safety relays

Paul Boughton

Scientific Technologies (STI) is introducing the RM-2AC resource module that includes a power supply and pair of safety relays, making it an excellent companion for solid-state safety devices.

It provides connection points for all safety device functions and is compatible with STI's MS4600,
OF4600-50, PA4600 and OS3100 product families. A range of 100 to 240Vac input to the RM-2AC provides the connected safety device with 24Vdc required for operation. The RM-2AC serves as a central point for terminating all signals to and from a solid-state safety device. Removable terminal blocks facilitate installation and servicing. One NO (normally-open) and one NO/NC (normally-open/normally-closed) safety relay output rated at 250Vac, 6A, can be used as the primary switching device, or can be used to switch a contactor.

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