Sensing IC has low power mode

Paul Boughton

Quantum Research Group, the charge-transfer (QT) capacitive touch company, has developed an 8-key touch sensor IC, the QT1080-ISG, that consumes just 40µA at 3V in low power mode.

Designed primarily for use in mobile phones, MP3 players, PC peripherals, remote controls and similar consumer devices, it enables eight touch keys through almost any panel material to facilitate a great variety of designs.
Other features include fully debounced results, lifetime automatic calibration, adjacent key suppression, low noise operation and a fast detection mode for use in applications where a simple touch slider is needed. When used to implement individual touch keys, the sensitivity of each channel can be independently tuned simply by changing a capacitor.
Capacitive touch sensors have been notoriously prone to drift and unreliable operation. The QT1080-ISG charge-transfer chip provides automatic drift compensation over-the life of the device to suppress false detections caused by changes in temperature, humidity or other environmental effects.
The device also self-calibrates on power-up and automatically recalibrates after long detections so that keys never 'freeze' due to foreign objects in contact with the sensing surface or other unwanted influences.
Adjacent Key Suppression (AKS) is an included patent-pending feature that prevents multiple keys from responding to a single touch. It works by comparing signal strengths within a group of keys and suppressing detections from those keys with signals which are weaker than the dominant, intended key.

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