Opportunities for wastewater treatments

Paul Boughton

The US food processing industry has recently undergone a wave of changes due to consolidation and budget cuts. Participants are now focusing on efficient multi-product production lines as opposed to huge manufacturing facilities.

This implies continuing opportunities for vendors of water and wastewater treatment equipment, particularly in the repair and replacement sector.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan U.S. Markets for Water & Wastewater Treatment in the Food & Beverage Industry -- an End-User Study, reveals that revenue in this market totalled $248.2 million in 2004 and projects to grow to $373.6 million by 2010.
The food and beverage industry uses large volumes of water as it is a convenient, clean, and a relatively inexpensive resource, both as a component of many products, and for conducting cleanups and other production needs. Furthermore, the industry is seeing regulations and legislative compliance drive technology updates in water treatment equipment.
Frost & Sullivan Program Manager and Senior Industry Analyst Matthew Barker says: With increasing saturationcompetition in the water and wastewater treatment market is intensifying. Due to the large number of suppliersthere is relatively less market awarenessand on an averageany one supplier is recognised by less than half of the customers."