High performance PTA decanters can process at 50 tonnes/hour

Paul Boughton

UK centrifuge manufacturer Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd, has secured more than £30M worth of PTA Decanter orders from Pure Terephthalic Acid producers in parts of South East Asia and the Far East.

More than 50 large-scale decanters, in various stages of construction, are currently being produced by the company for high profile chemical and textile manufacturers in China, India, Thailand and Taiwan, where continuous supplies of PTA are required for the production of Polyester fibres.
As global demand for polyester fibres escalates to record levels, the market for PTA, is increasing at a rate of 8percent per annum -- with many producers upgrading and expanding production facilities with more advanced and cost-effective process technologies.
Many of our specialised PTA decanters are already well-proven throughout the PTA producing industries says Broadbent's International Business Manager John Wright. Our machines are amongst the largest in the industry and are highly compatible with high volumehigh performancePTA production processes. On a number of installationsour customers have found that the machine's ability to operate over long periods of continuous dutywith maintenance intervals stretching over a year or eighteen monthsprovides considerable cost-effective advantages. The mechanical sealson Broadbent decanterswhich are vital to reliability and high performancehave proved to last well over a year or more without attention or replacement. From experience with competitive machinesusers have had to provide maintenance on a more frequent basis and replace seals every five to seven months."
Due to recent development work and the large capacity of Broadbent decantersit is now possible for one decanter to continue processing up to 50tonnes/hour of dry PTA powder while maintaining normal high quality product. The operating capacity of Broadbent PTA decanters can also provide cost-savings on capital investment whenin some instancesit is possible to install only two decanters instead of the normal threewhen using machines of competitive manufacture.

Thomas Boadbent is based in HuddersfieldUK. www.broadbent.co.uk