Pelletising process produces crystalline and spherical pellets

Paul Boughton

Much of Gala's recent research and developmental work has been done in the wide field of engineering resin applications. A result of this R&D is the Gala Form Crystal-PET technology, a pelletising process to produce crystalline and spherical pellets straight from the production line.

With underwater pelletising systems, PET producers are able to manufacture spherical pellets, which offer the advantage of homogeneity, as well as narrow size distribution, of the pellets.
The Gala line eliminates costly energy requirements and other aextra steps' usually necessary to add the heat required to transform amorphous PET to the crystalline state.
Pellets discharged from the Gala centrifugal dryer have a final crystallisation grade of >35percent (calcium nitrate test procedure). For the PET producer, this results in a significant reduction of capital investment since the complete crystallisation unit is no longer needed. This represents an enormous operating cost savings combined with its usage.
The complete Gala line costs about the same as a typical crystallisation unit for the same production rate per hour. The technology is available for output rates from 10kg/h to 15000kg/h. Gala's modular design is versatile enough to allow modifications to all today's amorphous PET machines to easily switch production to crystalline PET on the same line.

Gala Kunststoff und Kautschukmaschinen GmbH is based in Xanten-Birten, Germany.