Portable gauges offer high-quality alternative to automatic systems

Paul Boughton

Portable gauging is not usually associated with advanced technology or with reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

These are usually the province of automatic systems.
But an evolving class of portable electronic gauging devices (PEGDs) has been combining the freedom of manual, portable gauging with the technological sophistication of automatic gauging.
Now one company, Enraf Tanksystem, says it has taken PEGDs to a new level with its new HERMetic UTlmeter line, which combines microprocessor control and electronic sensors with mechanics that enable its use under rough conditions.
Enraf Tanksystems claims that the UTImeter is easier to maintain and replace parts than rival products.
The tape, sensor and electronic display unit can be replaced simply by unplugging the old one and replacing with the new one without any special tools or soldering. This will not affect the accuracy of readings or require any more calibration.
The system has a degree of elf-calibration, reducing the need for complex manual calibration. The temperature sensor probe has a microprocessor that automatically corrects for offset, non-linearity and drift.
The individual resistance temperature detector (RTD) element characteristics are stored in each sensor and thus interchanging sensors between portable electronic gauging devices also results in no change of the accuracy of the reading.
Also different parties using the UTImeter (eg vetting inspectors, at the terminal) can be sure of getting the same repeatable results, meaning less time reconciling figures during cargo inspections.

Enraf Tanksystem is based in Bulle, Switzerland. " target="_blank">www.tanksystem.com