Information updates for process and chemical engineering

Paul Boughton

With increasing competitiveness, we have come to appreciate fast, global access to authoritative information in our work.

This is why the recent new release of Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry is particularly welcome. This 7th electronic edition contains some 40 new or revised articles, bringing the total to more than 900.
Alongside easy installation to a PC or LAN, this edition retains the user interface, plus free online access to regular updates.
Those seeking the very latest developments in all areas of chemical and process engineering can turn to Chemical Engineering and Technology. This international journal publishes only essential and topical contributions, refereed by outstanding professionals from around the world.
Special issues planned include micro reaction technology and Industrial chromatography as well as Industrial crystallisation.
The third publication from Wiley-VCH useful for every engineer looking for up-to-date information, is an interdisciplinary journal reflecting the dynamic nature of biotechnology. Concentrating n technology rather than biological fundamentals, Engineering in Life Sciences promotes the transfer of scientific esults in environmental, industrial and agricultural biotechnology and healthcare into technological processes -- uniting research results in a single source.
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