'Silky feel' thermoplastic elastomer

Paul Boughton

Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES),an affiliate of ExxonMobil Chemical Company, has developed a softer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that delivers the performance of a fully vulcanised elastomer, along with the softness and favourable aesthetics of a softer, dry and silky feel.

Santoprene TPE grade X8211-25 is suitable for many consumer product and packaging applications that require a softer grip but also require properties that enable it to resist repeated exposures to heat as well as oils, chemicals and other fluids. Santoprene TPE grade X8211-25 is developed from proprietary technology.
Material specifiers now have the ability to choose a TPE with a very softsilky feel combined with the added performance of a fully vulcaniSed elastomer said Ulf Nilsson, global director, Consumer Marketing. This new Santoprene TPE grade is suitable for high-quality consumer products that will be defined as high-stylehigh-technologyor those that combine style and function."
Santoprene TPE grade X8211-25 is able to withstand numerous dishwasher cycles; exhibits high resistance to high temperatures and chemicals and possesses good compression set -- qualities that are desirable for consumer products exposed to harsh conditions.