Industry must help curb climate change through addressing energy needs, says analyst

Paul Boughton

Energy analyst urges industry leaders to play their part in dealing with the problem by addressing their energy usage.

The worst CO2 emissions recorded in history were reported recently, have prompted energy analyst, McKinnon & Clarke, to call on global industry leaders to address its energy wastage that, it claims, is a major factor in climate change.
The international energy analyst is urging industry leaders to play their part in dealing with the problem by addressing their energy usage.
Businesses, it says, can no longer afford to ignore the afreak' weather conditions that prove the environment is under threat: only recently Cornwall in the UK was shocked by floods, and South Africa and Florida were devastated by a series of hurricanes.
McKinnon & Clarke has urged the government to step up the pressure on the commercial sector to take responsibility for their energy efficiency performance.
Simon Northrop, Managing Director of McKinnon & Clarke explains: While industry leaders may have become more shrewd in their utility purchasing as prices risethis does not address the real issue threatening the world we live in -- energy wastage."
Legislation is such that businesses are able to manipulate data and measurement principles to hit targets but we face the very real danger of hitting government targets in the future with no corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions.
"Industry can no longer afford to ignore a very real issue to which it is contributing. Drastic action is needed if the environment is to be saved says Northrop.
Although the Kyoto protocol ties those countries of the industrialised world that have signed up to it into carbon dioxide reductions of around 5percent on 1990 levels, scientists say that reductions of around 60percent are needed across the world to avoid climate change, mass extinctions and catastrophic sea level rise. Plus this does not come into effect until 2010.