Folding doors help save space around safety cabinets

Paul Boughton

A safety cabinet for storing combustible substances is, of course, basically a piece of equipment for everyday use. Does that mean that nobody should bother about the design? Christian Völk reports.

Safety cabinet for the storage of combustible substances should be perfectly integrated into their working environments. In order to be able to optimally utilise the workspace around a safety cabinet, Düperthal has been actively engaged for more than 30 years in developing safety cabinets with cleverly devised folding door. This technology, which has meant more space gained in the everyday working environment, as well as increased usability of space. There was only one thing left to improve, and that was the limited access width.
Düperthal took up this challenge, and as a result developed the new Premium line safety cabinet. According to the manufacturer, the new, Düperthal cascade door technology has revolutionised door technology. It combines the advantages of pace-saving folding doors with optimally utilised access width and easy to operate wing doors. An overview of the advantages:
One of the special features of the innovative cascade door technology is that the doors can be opened and closed almost effortlessly. This is done by individually attaching the door segments to a pivotal centre, which also gives the doors additional stability. Additionally, a pneumatic supporting device simplifies the opening and closing process, so that there's no need for expenditure of physical energy. Furthermore, safety specifications and ergonomic aspects, such as automatic closing of doors in the case of a fire and the positioning of locks at handle level, ensure a high safety standard.
The interior of the Premium line safety cabinet is flexibly designed, so there is the option of classical bottom trays or modern pullout trays. While bottom trays are recommended for larger containers, pullout trays, which can be completely removed from the cabinet, provide easy handling of mostly smaller containers.
Apart from the advantage of simplified placement, you have a better overview of the substances. Depending on the substances being stored, and their application, you have the possibility of more efficient management of hazardous substances.

Fire resistance

A good design should not only look good, it should also be functional. That's why the new cabinet series from Düperthal offers much more than merely an visually attractive focal point in the workplace. Moreover, the Premium line safety cabinet contributes significantly to an increased level of safety in the workplace. This is why the Premium line series received the classification Type 90 from the prototype test in accordance with EN14470-1, which is based on a fire resistance of at least 90 minutes.
The intelligent ventilation and aeration system works above the bottom collecting tray, in accordance with the requirements of EN standard 14470-1. In addition to this, all DÜPERTHAL cabinets are provided with venting collars at each cabinet level in order to be able to optimally extract any emerging vapours from the individual pullout trays or bottom trays and in this way ensure a high level of protection both for people and the environment.

Explosion protection

Depending on requirement and application, the new Premium line safety cabinet can be earthed in accordance with BGR132 (ignition prevention). As standard, all conductive components are connected to each other inside the cabinet and are also connected with the earth jumper on the cabinet roof via the frame.
The new Premium line cabinet series stands out because it offers the highest level of safety while still providing exceptional operating convenience. The safety engineering of the new Premium line from Düperthal was confirmed by the prototype test carried out by ift Rosenheim test institute and by the independent Technical Inspectorate TüV Product Service in Eschborn, and resulted in certification of compliance with DINEN14470-1. The new cabinet series has been awarded the GS (tested safety) test mark for appliance and product safety.

Christian Völk is with Düperthal Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co KG, Karlstein, Germany.