biodegradable process

Paul Boughton

Operators of wastewater treatment plants live under ever increasing performance demands and constraints. Regulatory compliance, cost optimisation and the avoidance of upset conditions are demanded by government, the public, customers and owners.

In a biological wastewater treatment plant the bacteria in the activated sludge are the heart of the biodegradation process. Keeping these performing optimally will maximise the capacity and efficiency of the waste treatment process. This can be determined by measuring the respiration rate (or oxygen uptake rate). This data can then be automatically analysed for: immediate biodegradation performance monitoring; influent toxicity management; plant capacity determination; optimisation of dissolved oxygen and nutrient level set points; measurement of short term BOD.
These measurements can be determined for both carbonaceous and nitrifying bacteria.
Strathkelvin Instruments' upgraded respirometer, Strathtox, gives rapid measurements (minutes) and is easy to operate. There has been uptake by customers as diverse as utility operators, iron and steel producers, research institutes, bulk chemical manufacturers and aeration equipment suppliers.

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