Plastic safety barriers : a viable flexible alternative

Paul Boughton

Innovative material use and product design provide performance benefits and cost savings. qqqA-Fax Ltd plastic safety barrier products are manufactured from extruded polypropylene plastic material which, the company says, offers performance and cost benefits when compared with barriers made from more traditional metal materials.

All the barriers in the A-Fax product range are based on two designs, a three-rail post and rail system, primarily for pedestrian protection, nd a lower level single circular rail modular post and rail system, primarily for traffic segregation, traffic way delineation and equipment/structure protection.
The high impact absorption, deflection and dissipation properties exhibited by all of the available barrier versions are due to both the material of manufacture and the product design. Both these factors are responsible for the inherent strength.

A-Fax Ltd is based in Halifax, UK.

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