Isolation solenoid valves

Paul Boughton

Total isolation solenoid valves (DRY) from SIRAI are suitable for the control of aggressive and/or non-contaminable fluids. The fluid is only in contact with the valve body and the isolation lever or diaphragm. The fluid is protected from any chemical contamination and/or thermal shock.qqqProduced in 2/2 or 3/2 normally closed, open or universal service versions, the valves are also available in miniaturised, silent versions and with a latching actuator.

The operating principle of pinch solenoid valves is based on a pinching device moved by a solenoid operator. It cuts off the fluid by pinching or releasing tubing in silicon
(or other soft material). The fluid can now flow in either direction with a high rate of flow, without turbulence and without dead spaces.

SIRAI Elettromeccanica srl is based in Bussero, Italy. " target="_blank">


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