Compact motor and drive offers flexibility in speed, power and efficiency

Paul Boughton

Developed for use within a broad range of industrial applications, Hägglunds' has introduced its new compact hydraulic motor design and associated drive system designated Gemini. This, says the company, marks a significant advance in hydraulic drive systems in terms of speed, power, efficiency and flexibility.

At the core of these developments is a new motor series, the Compact CBP, which features an internal construction that has made possible the improved performance. It achieves not only a wider speed range, but also a far higher degree of output power -- in excess of
1 MW (1500 hp), which it can maintain indefinitely.
As well as forming the heart of Hägglunds' GEMINI system, the CBP is also suitable for use by OEMs serving the construction, power, marine, offshore and process industries, for example.
The motor's torque and power capacity are high in relation to its weight and size allowing lighter machines that offer substantial savings on space. The motor's through hole, which can accommodate a through shaft or even a tube for fluids, creates additional flexibility.
For the OEM market, the CBP motor is a standard, off-the-shelf product, which comes with reliable aftermarket support and easy access to components.
The GEMINI System has been developed to provide a complete drive solution with particular application advantages for the rubber and plastics sector, chemicals, recycling, mining and materials handing industries.
Even when operating at higher RPMs, the efficiency of the GEMINI system equals or surpasses that of electromechanical drives. Combined with the potential for precise control, this makes the GEMINI system ideal for difficult applications such as internal mixers, rubber extruders, chemical agitators, conveyors and pre-shredders.
As with all Hägglunds' drive systems, it is built upon a modular concept and offers flexible construction possibilities for efficient and innovative machine layout in addition to space and weight savings.
Additional flexibility is created by the power supply, with its newly developed pumping station and greater focus on modularity.
The GEMINI drive system is suited to demanding requirements. Besides being approved for explosive environments, the motor withstands extremes of heat and humidity, making it insensitive to the harshest conditions.

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