Full contained powder handling

Paul Boughton

Dust-free and safe powder handling in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries with hard flowing materials was always a problem. qqqNow container systems with intelligent cone valve equipment solve those kinds of problems. The stainless steel containers up to 3000litres volume are used as transport, storage and batch container.

Filling, dosing and discharge operations can now be done dust-free and fully automatically. In a PLC-controlled system, the batch container collects different components according to the required recipe.
Depending on the characteristics of the material, the cone valve supports the product flow with balanced opening gap and if necessary with additional vertical agitation inside the product. When the raw materials are collected, the batch container with the dispensing will be transferred to the tumble blender.
The blending can be achieved in the container, eliminating the need for material transfer and the cleaning of additional mixing equipment. After the blending procedure, the final product can be packed or transferred to a further process step.
All equipment like container, filling stations, discharge and/or dosing stations as well as container batch blenders can be delivered according to customer requirements as single process solutions.
Hygienic designs, suitable for the pharmaceutical and food industry are also available.

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