Free flowing bulk ingredient changeover in record time

Paul Boughton

For feeding of free flowing bulk ingredients in extrusion processes Brabender Technologie KG offers a gravimetric feeding station with up to eight metering feeders. A novel feeder design results in substantial time savings when changing over from one ingredient to another and reduces downtime during recipe changeover to a minimum. The system can be adapted to varying ingredients and feed rates without tools.

The system features the new Brabender ScrewDisc Feeders with a novel feeding principle. These feeders are equipped with a vertical screw mounted on a horizontal rotating disc, arranged in a vertical cast
PUR tube suited to the respective feed crew used.
The central mounting column, which is also the extruder inlet shaft, accommodates up to eight gravimetric metering feeders and vacuum loaders.
As a particular handling feature, the feed units, consisting of metering feeder and outlet, can be lowered and turned into a discharge position for quick hopper emptying.

Brabender Technologie KG is based in Duisburg, Germany.


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