Enhancing system software

Paul Boughton

Through the use of Softing's new Configuration and Integration Toolset (FF-CIT), existing configuration tools or supervisory and control systems can be quickly and ost-effectively extended to powerful FF software.

The toolset provides powerful basic functionality for the configuration of FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) networks via high speed Ethernet (HSE).
The FF-CIT encapsulates FF specific functionality and eliminates the need to learn and implement all FF details. It is a set of functions allowing easy integration of FF technology into any DCS engineering tool or PLC configuration software. By making use of Softing's FF-CIT, system vendors and device manufacturers save vast time and costs in the process to extend their products for the parameterisation, visualisation, programming, controlling, diagnostics, online and offline configuration of FF networks and devices.
Access to FF networks and H1 field devices is provided via HSE and Linking Devices, eg the FG-100 FF/HSE from Softing.
The new software product can be integrated into any existing configuration tool, diagnostic or commissioning software, OPC server or FDT/DTM application, etc.
The functionality is supplied as a modular set of libraries and executables with an open, XML based application program interface (API) for Microsoft Windows. Due to its platform independent architecture, it can be easily ported to other operating systems, eg Linux.

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