Hose pump handles corrosive chemical

Paul Boughton

Only a few pumps can reliably handle sulphuric acid. One of these is the LPP peristaltic hose pump. Even pumps fewer can provide flexible flow control when a supply tank is on a higher level than a discharge head.

In one application in which these pumps are used the sulphuric acid concentration is 20--30percent at ambient temperature and the slurry specified gravity is 1.3.
The LPP pumps sulphuric acid to a thickener in which the sulphuric acid reacts as a flocculant.
The flow rate varies from 0.2 to 0.5m3/h and the maximum speed is 35rpm. The pumped flow is controlled by an inverter, the average flow being 9l/min.
The LPP is controlled by using a PID control loop with fixed set point and feedback from Krohne Coriolis mass flow meter. The pump is also equipped with a hose leak detector. The LPP provides safe and reliable liquid transfer, even when handling the most aggressive media. The robust construction of the most durable materials makes the LPP resistant to the attacks of viscous, abrasive and corrosive fluids. The LPP is available in sizes DN25, DN40 and DN65 for working pressure max. 10bar with flow capacities up to 20m3/h.

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