Gland packing beats pump shaft wear

Paul Boughton

Arasele is James Walker's new high specification gland packing that replaces many abrasion resistant ayellow' products and reduces maintenance stockholding for process plant operators.

In centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, Arasele virtually eliminates the shaft wear created when inferior grades of aramid-based packing are used to seal highly abrasive slurries or aggressive chemicals. It is also an efficient valve stem packing.
The secret of Arasele's low shaft wear is in its design and construction. It is made from fine yarns of synthetic aromatic polymer fibre, impregnated with PTFE dispersion, and braided over a white rubber core. The result is a resilient high performance packing that is non-staining and kind to shafts.
The rubber core enables the packing to absorb the eccentric actions of shafts and rams that run out-of-true. It also provides swift recovery from thermal and pressure cycling.
Compatibility with fluid media of pH 1-13 gives Arasele better chemical resistance than ayellow' aramid packings. The temperature range is also wider at -50°C to +288°C. In rotary pumps, it works at up to 20m/s or 25bar. Its limits in reciprocating pumps are 1.5m/s or 100bar; and it seals valve stems at up to 150bar.

James Walker & Co Ltd is based in Crewe, Cheshire, UK.


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