12G UHD-SDI reclocker for 4K broadcast video systems

Paul Boughton

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced the industry’s first 12G ultra-high-definition (UHD) serial digital interface (SDI) reclocker with integrated signal conditioning.

The four-channel LMH1256 doubles the transmission rate of competing 6G devices, allowing broadcast video equipment to capture, record and play back 4K video signals at 60 Hz over a single link of coaxial cable.

The LMH1256 reclocker addresses next-generation systems, including digital video routers, switches, encoders/decoders, modular cards, multi-viewers and display monitors.

The emerging 4K UHD standard delivers four times the image resolution compared to current 1080p HD video equipment. Byenabling a screen display resolution of 3048 by 2160 pixels, 4K UHD presents video in much greater detail, offering consumers a more immersive TV viewing experience.
Key features and benefits of the LMH1256:

* Highest transmission rate available: Enables broadcast video equipment to transmit 4K video signals at 60 Hz over a single coaxial cable link, and deliver multi-rate operation at transmissionspeeds from 270 Mbps to 11.868 Gbps. The LMH1256 recovers the serial clock and retimes the serial data stream to suppress accumulated jitter.

* Integrated eye monitor: On-chip oscilloscope probe enables system designers to examine transmitted signals at any point in the system for faster time-to-market. Equipment end users savetime and repair costs during debug and installation via the eye monitor’s ability to detect a faulty signal or cable.

* Ultra-low power consumption:200-mW typical power consumption enables system designers to pack in more channels and features into smaller frames.

* Reduced board size: As the number of video inputs/outputs increase, the LMH1256’s four channels help customers design multi-channel equipment with smaller board size and footprint.

For more information, www.ti.com