Wind Technology

Wind power equipment company delivers kit to US firm

Variable frequency drive and high-speed motor solution delivered to Coffin Turbo Pump

Finding the perfect site for a wind farm

Finding the best possible sites for new wind farms is a complex and challenging task which demands some very sophisticated processes. Samuel Clarke provides an insight into how their experts routinely and successfully tackle the job

Making the case for new renewable energy materials

There is no single solution to the challenges of future energy harvesting. But wind and solar energy will play an important part



Order for 200 wind turbine structures

The deal will involve the design and manufacture of more than 200 bespoke monopoles over the next 12 months for 10Kw wind turbines

Scheduling offshore wind farms maintenance

Can also track status coating repairs, wall thickness, welds, bolt tensioning, mechanical integrity

Reliable rotors for the wind industry

Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture 2011 is scheduled for 6-8 December 2011, Dusseldorf, Germany


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