The electrical grid of tomorrow will be flexible and self-healing

A smart electrical grid has the potential to play a key role in the effort to lower energy costs for consumers, achieve energy independence and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. How can all of this be realised and what can government do to ensure such a grid can be made a reality? Dr Richard Charnah explains

Advanced automation needed to achieve smart grid success

According a new report, a radical overhaul of policy and technology is needed for the USA to reap the benefits promised by the smart grid. Sean Ottewell reports

Securing the smart grid: the road ahead

With the push for more efficient energy distribution, the smart grid has quickly transformed from the hottest buzzword to a global reality. But what exactly is the smart grid? Joshua Pennell explains

Radical change needed for smart power grids to succeed in Europe

Major challenges in strategic planning and cross-border coordination have to be overcome for Europe to enjoy the benefits of true smart grid electricity generation and distribution. Sean Ottewell reports

Smart technologies at heart of transmission and distribution

Demand-side initiatives in New Zealand, Turkey's link to the European grid and improvements to network reliability in the US all rely on the latest smart technologies

Building world’s largest smart grid

Supplying polyphase commercial and industrial smart meters which will provide digital accuracy and reliability

Networks offer glimpse of our ‘smarter’ energy future

Projects aim to help to move the UK closer to realising our low carbon energy future

Receiver enhances data capture measurements in high voltage applications

The ISOBE5600m receiver unit easily connects to an external PC and uses Perception software for swift data analysis.

Keeping the smart grid strategies simple

The two prerequisites for the smart grid are a smart meter to measure energy usage at the point of delivery, and consumer tools to control energy consumption. Ulla Pettersson says that rather than combining the two in a single device, it makes more sense to separate them

Power producers invest for a mixed fuel future

South American power producers are investing heavily in new technology, both to enable them to swap quickly between different fossil fuels and to improve their hydropower performance

New standards drive US smart grid forward

The agreement of new standards to act as a guide for smart grid-related technologies is helping to drive investment in the US. Sean Ottewell reports

Natural gas will play key role in lower carbon energy future

It is economically attractive and emits substantially less C02, says Shell’s Stuart Bradford

The Smart Grid Market 2011-2021

Examines this pivotal area of the energy industry with in-depth analysis of global and regional smart grid investment

Electricity access still insufficient in developing countries

Lack of access to electricity results in health, environmental, and livelihood challenges, says Worldwatch Institute



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