Transformer failure survey published

Report reveals that 6 in 10 industry professionals had experienced failure in the last five years

Virtual power station in London to be powered by domestic solar panels

London’s first ‘virtual power station’ powered by domestic solar panels is to be launched

Lithium ion technology at UK's largest high temperature incinerator

First lithium ion technology at the UK’s largest high temperature incinerator paves the way for industrial energy security

Huge LNG supply ship leaves port

The Kairos is making her way to Northwest Europe

Bright forecast

Achieving grid stability thanks to accurate solar energy online feed in and forecasts

UK consortium trial electric vehicle-to-grid projects

UK consortium will trial electric-vehicle-to-grid projects

What makes a city smart?

Managing power is going to be crucial as reliance on the IoT increases

Industry is wasting a potential 44TWh each year

Power quality firm proposes energy savings in whitepaper

Power distribution in a challenging continent

Stewart Wittering explores the South American climate and how it affects resistors

Grid integration amps up

Boris Sedacca reveals how distributed generation alleviates electricity demand spikes

Improving Vietnam’s transmission grid

Siemens received an order to improve the performance of the nationwide transmission grid

New housing for connector system

The new CombiTac from Stäubli Electrical Connectors features centralised locking

Self-repairing polymers

UK environmentally-friendly self-healing cable repair project could save millions

Electric avenues

Scotland’s first new power conductor in almost 30 years goes live

Keeping transformers cool

Andreas Schneider introduces robust fans for oil-cooled high-power transformers



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