Panama canal expansion

Ron Kaufmann reports on geophysical investigation along critical portions of the expansion route for the Panama Canal

Deep electromagnetic imaging: from invention to ‘big-three’ adoption in less than a decade

Ken Feather explains how the application of deep EM imaging for detection of hydrocarbons has created a completely new service industry.

Advanced multibeam sonar with equi-distant beamforming

SeaBat 7125 delivers significant survey quality improvements along with time and cost savings for many types of sea operations.

Is peak oil good news or bad for hydro and seismic operators?

Evidence suggests the world is rapidly approaching ‘peak oil’. Output is already shrinking. David Strahan as what this will mean for hydro and seismic operators

Quality-controlled positioning for seismic operations

GNSS positioning systems provide seismic users with a precision ranging from a few metres down to decimeter levels

And you thought it was all to do with seaweed

Today, weather forecasting is a global business, honed in a variety of different ways depending on the application required by the client. Jeremey Cresswell reports

Meeting the ongoing industry skills shortage

As the oil and gas industry is predicted to grow over the next four years, the industry finds itself in a situation where it is already dangerously short of suitably skilled personnel. Barrie Youds reports

Seismic power sources

Three new seismic power sources; the CSP-D and CSP-P with their special dual voltage output and the CSP-S, a compact ‘all in one’ 6000 Joule power source

Improved reservoir recovery through combined use of seismic and EM measurements

Edwin Danson looks at the impact of upgrades in improved real-time positioning accuracy.

Camera, sonar and transponder technology

Kongsberg Maritime has played significant role development of navigation, underwater positioning and communications

Multipurpose ROV support vessel

Vessel had been performing electromagnetic offshore exploration in the Barents Sea, operating from Hammerfest in Northern Norway

Saab Seaeye expands ROV production

Custom-built facilities have been integrated into the new building, including production cells and dedicated test areas

Determination of real-time tide information using GPS

David Russell and Pieter Toor report on developments in the offshore positioning and navigation markets

Extracting more from seismic data to get better subsurface models

Paradigm has developed a range of solutions that help companies to extract more value from their seismic data. Keith Forward reports

The quest for better ways of imaging oil and gas reservoirs

Jeremy Cresswell examines the latest in identifying virgin oil and gas opportunities and developing discoveries

Finding new ways to squeeze more energy from mature fields

Geoscientists and engineers are finding new ways to bolster production in mature fields that have long been in decline

Borehole seismic acquisition gives 'high definition' results

Nicholas Brooks reports on specialised borehole seismic data acquisition and processing solutions



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