Scientists develop pioneering new spray-on solar cells

Perovskite is a promising new material for solar cells, combing high efficiency with low materials costs

Transforming former collieries with 30MW solar array

Ground-mounted solar installations will be operational for 25 years and, once completed, will generate enough low-carbon energy to provide power for around 10,000 homes

Breaking the mould - alternative materials for solar PV modules

Alex Savidis explains some of the alternative material and design options for solar panels. He looks at different applications and environments and explains why material and design does not need to restrict the use of solar PV in any industry

New surface and surface interface diagnostic systems

Designed to work with many sample types including metallurgical thin films, coatings, solar cells, and semiconductors

Solar panels reduce energy costs at water treatment works

Part of a programme to increase the amount of renewable energy public utility generates while reducing carbon emissions

Inspecting roof-mounted solar panels with thermal imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can be used to detect hot spots in the panels from a distance, which makes it a lot easier to find defects before they become breakdowns

Plastic electronic and solar cell testing facility opens

Will allow businesses to access lifetime and reliability testing equipment for a huge range of plastic electronics devices and solar cells

3D printers help energise developing regions

Companies using FDM 3D printing technology to create innovative energy solutions that aid those without reliable electricity

Solar power systems installed on an unmanned oil and gas rig

WhisperPower’s Grid Independer is an autonomous hybrid power system consisting of power generation, storage and conversion parts

17.8MW solar PV cluster

The plants will produce sufficient green energy to power over 24,800 inhabitants and to avoid the annual emission of 19,300 tons of greenhouse gases

Air cushion plates for fast and reliable transport

Suitable for the safe transportation of flat panel displays and photovoltaic substrates, says Festo

Solar wind - the next renewable breakthrough?

Designed to optimise the full capacity of expensive grid connections by incorporating ground-mounted solar panels on the same site as wind turbines

Solar panels generate both heat and electricity

Home and business owners can decide whether to generate more heat or electricity, depending upon their individual needs

15km of tubing for the solar power plant

First commercial plant in the world to apply central tower receiver and molten salt heat storage technology

'Holistic' thinking needed for Britain’s future electricity networks

Europe’s largest professional body for engineers is helping to create a holistic approach to the design of the Britain’s electricity networks

Enabling technology for ultra fine line solar cell metallisation

DEK Solar’s Fine Line Stencil gives excellent line conductivity with almost no wasted silver, thereby enabling sub-40µm line widths with no increase in line resistance

Flexible barrier films for electronics

Market for flexible barrier films to conservatively grow to just over $34 million by 2016. Harry Zervos reports

Moving the UK solar market past the ‘boom and bust’ stage

International solar 'visionaries' discuss future of UK solar market. The Solar Future: UK ’13, will take place on 16th July 2011 in London



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