Heat transfer product maximises power production in solar market

Omnistore MS-550 is a molten salt heat transfer media that operates at temperatures ranging from 150 to 550˚C

Precise current shunt measurement

For power control systems including industrial motor drives and inverters

Compact HMI with advanced functionality

Display has the ability to display more than 65,000 colours, bringing new levels of realism to screen elements for enhanced usability

High performance edge connectors

Slimline PV-JB/BF junction box can be mounted on the edge of the panel without obscuring any solar cells

Lightweight contactors handle inrush currents up to 4000 AMPS

TE Connectivity’s KILOVAC KHR500 contactors provide hermitically sealed solution for hazardous environments

Co-ordinating virtual power plants intelligently

Virtual power plants combine different sources of renewable energy. To guarantee a stable energy network, the relevant sources will be combined automatically based on availability

Solar power: pricing shines light on new business opportunities

Creates jobs while preserving existing energy reserves in United Arab Emirates

Avoiding grid expansion costs from renewables

Low voltage 400V electricity supply grids that solves problems created by fluctuating renewable power feed-in. Nick Flaherty reports

Solar PV plant installed on rooftop

Plant has about 1,000 solar panels and capacity of 300kW; will lead to the reduction of the commercial facility’s energy bill by up to 18%

Arc fault detection device prevents smouldering fires

Arcing faults are a particularly high risk in solar power systems

Solar pump makes most of water resources in Africa

Sun-Sub submersible pump system is located on the banks of the Mereb River in Eritrea

Quantification of pulsed solar simulators

The SR-1901PT is suitable for classifying pulsed solar simulators in PV manufacturing

New high current PV connector

Power losses minimised with new solution from Multi-Contact

Wind power beats nuclear and coal in record-breaking August

RenewableUK says new data shows that August was an exceptional month for wind energy, with new records set and generation levels exceeding both nuclear and coal, according to official UK's National Grid statistics

Solar-powered pumping

A new product launched by NOV Mono offers an effective solution for pumping water on small-scale farms and rural lifestyle properties



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