Precision positioning during assembly and quality assurance

Hexapods from Physik Instrumente (PI) are suitable for applications in microproduction

Disposable liquid flow sensor

LD20 is equipped with luer lock fittings for easy integration into the fluidic line

High-sensitivity two-channel UVA and UVB light sensor

Sensor designed to monitor environmental health risks, says Integrated Device Technology

New rotary position sensor

Protects against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature

High damage threshold sensor

Ophir Photonics sensor for measuring low average power pulsed lasers

Nanometre resolution confocal sensors

Chris Jones discusses how non-contact confocal displacement sensors are helping companies to inspect the shape, size and surface topography of MEMS structures to nanometre resolution.

Two-axis tilt angle sensors with enhanced shock compensation

Suited for measuring tilt angles on, for example, ship platforms, working platforms or oil rigs

CCD image sensor expands options for astrophotography

KAF-16200 brings high resolution and low noise to demanding applied imaging applications

Industrial drive control system-on-chip

Improves system performance by completing the decode tasks on-chip and reducing the communication latency

Smallest sensor for LED lighting and IoT

Gooee’s sensor ASIC now includes the world’s first IoT Artificial Eye technology

New package for two-wire unipolar Hall-effect sensors cuts costs

The A115x family, comprising the A1152, A1153, A1156, and A1157 devices, are factory-trimmed to optimise magnetic switchpoint accuracy. By Nick Flaherty

Smart sensor reference design for Project Tango

Israeli startup Inuitive has developed a smart sensor reference design for Google’s Project Tango. By Nick Flaherty

Better to check than retrofit

Schurter has set up a mobile service for wired EMC measurements

Humidity and temperature transmitters

The EE210 and EE160 transmitters from E+E Elektronik are designed for highly accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature

Pressure and temperature measurement combined

Space-saving and cost-effective, two important measurements can now be monitored using a single port



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