Pedal force sensor saves hard work on electric bike

Sensor is a crucial component in the bike’s drive and control system that detects the pedal force applied

Submersible sensors measure fuel tank levels at remote power generation sites

For plant operators that need to monitor remote installations such as power generators, vehicles, marine vessels, telecom sites and heavy machinery

Protection for sensor's remote unit and battery

WISER 2030-S remote enclosures are made of a rugged plastic material designed for high impact strength

The importance of sensor triggering in production and process automation

When measuring the position of moving targets in production and process automation environments, it is important to understand the different methods of sensor triggering, their impact on measurement cycle times and the benefits they can offer over continuous measurement, says Chris Jones

Prioritise your storage tank maintenance

Risk-based inspection systems and advanced non-destructive testing methods are helping storage tank owners comply with ever-increasing stringent regulations, as well as reducing maintenance costs, says Tim Bradshaw

Heavy duty encoders

BEI’s new LP series encoders suit extreme environments for high reliability position and speed feedback

All-purpose proximity sensing

IQG is an all-purpose sensor that is easy-to-switch in automation, conveying and materials handling applications

New versions of the world’s smallest SDP3x differential pressure sensor

Digital SDP32 and analogue SDP37 enable excellent accuracy in the bi-directional flow range of up to 125Pa

Wireless torque sensor adds shunt calibration

Simplifies instrumentation verification for users while allowing them to check calibration of the system in the field

High-accuracy differential current sensors add high isolation

Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, switched-mode power supplies, and overcurrent fault protection

Optical sensor detects mirrored and transparent surfaces reliably

The new Omron B5W is a high performance optical sensor that can reliably identify mirrored, transparent, diffuse and other hard to detect surfaces

Bluetooth communication for sensors

Arc sensors have improved process measurement accuracy and speed while reducing installation and maintenance costs

Dynamic linear position sensing

Novotechnik’s new TF1 series inductive linear sensor suits harsh environment high speed processes

Six-degree-of-freedom positioning

Aerotech’s HexGen offers flexible configurations and customisation

Press-fit reed sensor requires no accessories for installation

Suited for position and limit sensing in security systems, industrial equipment, and appliances

IO-Link functionality added to compact magnetostrictive sensor

E-Series IO-Link is optimised for addressing space-constrained industrial automation applications

High performance eddy current measurement system

The system comes with active temperature compensation, is pressure-resistant up to 10 bar and can withstand operating temperatures of up to 180°C

Precise thickness measurement using laser displacement sensors

If measurements from two non-contact laser displacement sensors are evaluated together, the thickness of an object can be determined. However, the accuracy of thickness measurements is determined by a number of important factors and not just linearity, says Chris Jones



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