Sensors approved for nuclear industry

Designed for the temperature measurement of high pressure fluids and aggressive gaseous fluids used in nuclear power generation

Pervasive sensing

Jonathan Wilkins discusses pervasive sensing techniques and technologies, and the impact they're having on manufacturing

A quantitative view of flexible electronics

Olympus LEXT OLS4100 confocal laser scanning microscope used as an alternative to scanning electron microscopy

Rotary position sensor for medium volume applications

Ruggedised design offers protection against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature

Robust short probe offers increased impact resistance

Tiger range has specially developed by Ion Science to allow the operator easy access to the lamp and sensor in minutes

Linear position sensors provide high accuracy steering

Satellite guidance is employed as a key element to reduce vehicle travel over the agricultural fields to the very minimum

Laser displacement sensor

Provides 10 times higher measurement repeatability in wax distortion tests

Long range high position sensors

Optimised for implementation in the harshest of environments

Low power integrated sensor module

For wearable pulse oximeter and heart rate designs. Nick Flaherty reports

Precision positioning during assembly and quality assurance

Hexapods from Physik Instrumente (PI) are suitable for applications in microproduction

Laser triangulation sensor with integrated controller

Micro-Epsilon sensors offer machine builders, systems integrators and OEMs a combination of compact size, performance (up to 4kHz measuring rate) and ease of installation

Disposable liquid flow sensor

LD20 is equipped with luer lock fittings for easy integration into the fluidic line

High-sensitivity two-channel UVA and UVB light sensor

Sensor designed to monitor environmental health risks, says Integrated Device Technology

New rotary position sensor

Protects against water, dust, shock, vibration and temperature

Optimised lenses for very large formats

Very large formats are required when multiple sensors are used in an array to overcome the limitation of simple and/or individual conventional sensors

High damage threshold sensor

Ophir Photonics sensor for measuring low average power pulsed lasers

Nanometre resolution confocal sensors

Chris Jones discusses how non-contact confocal displacement sensors are helping companies to inspect the shape, size and surface topography of MEMS structures to nanometre resolution.

Two-axis tilt angle sensors with enhanced shock compensation

Suited for measuring tilt angles on, for example, ship platforms, working platforms or oil rigs



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