Power current sensor which offers high-precision measurements

Powertron PCS Series from VPG Foil Resistors offers reliability and long-term stability

CMOS linear image sensor designed for use in sorting machines

Features a sensitivity range of 400-1000nm, as well as a 10MHz maximum video data rate and built-in timing generator

Smart current sensors

Meet the demand for Class Accuracy 0.5 and easy-to-install smart current sensors to empower the Internet of Energy (Smart Cities)

Reflective optical sensor

Provides robust reliability and versatility along with ambient light immunity

Highly integrated capacitive-digital converter

Delivers superior gesture sensing and enhanced touch performance to automotive and industrial systems

New electrostatic capacitance torque sensor

Detects and controls torque generated by the revolving motion of various kinds of robot and automated assembly machines

Barometric sensor targets drones and fitness apps

Typical applications include altitude stabilisation in drones, where altitude information is utilised to improve flight stability

Dual-die highly programmable linear Hall sensor

Two features allow for a higher level of diagnostics without interruption to the application

Biometric sensor platform

Kit combines ST’s compact SensorTile turnkey multi-sensor module integrated with Valencell's Benchmark biometric sensor system

Sensors heading for Mars in 2020

TT Electronics’ robust Hall-effect sensors used in control system for Mars Rover robotic arm

Pressure sensors with digital i2C interface

Enable faster machine commissioning times and reduced downtime

Electronic adhesive for delicate structures

Enables the construction of delicate structures surrounding chips or sensors

3-axis magnetic sensor

Memsic’s new sensor targets a variety of industrial, drone, and heavy equipment needs

How thermal stability affects the accuracy of non-contact displacement sensors

In non-contact displacement measurement applications, engineers often overlook the effects of temperature variations on the measurement accuracy of the sensor. It is therefore critical to check supplier datasheets, says Chris Jones

Heavy duty rotary position feedback

Contelec Vert-X 48E non-contacting magnetic sensor suits extreme environment applications



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