New rotational postion sensor for harsh environments

This is a a non-contact wear-free magnetic incremental encoder for slide-on shaft assembly

New multifunctional optical sensor for the Internet of Things

Diagnostic functions provide useful information such as life expectancy and operating hours

New sensor for the IoT

Safety features include internal temperature monitoring

Personal radiation monitor

This features a neutron detection capability

New small sensors for wearable gadgets

These can handle sophisticated processing tasks and data buffering without waking up the main application processor

New inspection videoscope

This IP65-rated device can be used one-handed

New NTC thermistor probe assembly for Li-ion batteries

The device provides temperature sensing for EV batteries, off-grid energy storage and alternative energy applications

New high-resolution infrared camera

New high-resolution infrared camera for combustion chambers with small probe diameter

Smart sensor now monitors pumps

New solution begins real-world tests

New hygienic pressure sensor

This features a condensate-resistant measuring cell

New remote monitor

This enables warnings of imminent failures or underperforming equipment

Extreme high temperature position sensors

These can measure up to 1000°F (538°C)

Radiation-tolerant camera gets a motor

HD unit features a non-browning zoom lens

New 3D AI scanner

A large field of view combines with a 25 mega pixel camera

New temperature signal conditioners

These work from 0-100°C

New colour recognition sensors

These could be used in the printing industry, quality control for packaging, cosmetics, medicine and plastics

New high-resolution linear image sensors

These monolithically integrated CMOS linear image sensors have 2000 DPI resolution



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