Absolute and differential pressure sensor 'in one'

All Sensors believes that its BDS (Basic Dual Sensor) series pressure sensor is an industry first, offering the potential to save space and design time

Pressure sensing, switching and display in one unit

New from Impress Sensors and Systems is the DS range of pressure transmitters that deliver three functions from within one housing

Miniature optical sensors in a choice of variants

New O7 series optical sensors from IFM are said to offer near-laser performance but without the costs and safety concerns associated with laser-based sensors

Digital pressure sensor with programmable microcontroller

Sensonor Technologies' new SP300-series multipurpose digital absolute pressure sensor includes an embedded microcontroller and optional accelerometer

Current sensors for measuring very high currents

Yokogawa reports that new current sensors are available that enable its precision power meters to be used for measuring peak currents of up to 6000A

Some like it hot - accelerometers work at up to 150°C

The Advanced Sensors Calibration accelerometers withstand shocks up to 5,000g, have amplified signals and low noise

Dual-output 'no contact' rotary position sensor is ultra-slim

The new NRH280DP dual-output 'no contact' rotary position sensor from Penny + Giles uses programmable Hall-effect technology in a housing just 6.5mm high

Non-contact position sensors are sealed to IP68/IP69K

New Temposonics RS and GS sensors from MTS Sensors feature stainless steel super shield housings that are sealed to IP68 or IP69K

Rugged, ultra-low range gravity referenced linear servo accelerometers

Sherborne Sensors debuts A323 ‘L’ Series ultra-low range precision linear servo accelerometers with 4-20mA output

LVDT position sensors handle high temperatures and harsh conditions

Macro Sensors is introducing a family of high-temperature and rugged LVDT linear position sensors for use in aerospace and defence applications

Displacement sensors use magneto-inductive technology

Micro-Epsilon says its innovative magneto-inductive displacement measurement sensors are robust yet cost-effective for mid- to high-volume applications

Electronics key to magneto-inductive displacement sensor

Eddy current sensor technology provides the sensor with robustness, high speed and high resolution measurements

Three-axis sensors now available for lower loads

Kistler is introducing a new version of its compact three-component force links with a lower measurement ranges and improved performance characteristics

Sub-1GHz Zigbee module is first to be CE-certified

Adaptive Network Solutions reports that its @ANY900-1 is the first 868MHz IEEE802.15.4/Zigbee RF module to be CE-certified

M12 inductive sensors offer nanometre resolution

The new IPRM 12 inductive sensor from Baumer features an M12 stainless steel housing, yet it measures with a resolution of up to 50nm

Evaluation kit for programmable rotary sensors

Contelec is now offering its Vert-X 28 MH-C2 absolute-measuring magnetic rotary sensor as part of the Vert-X Easyadapt Evaluation Kit

Sensitivity for differential low pressure measurement

LBA sensors perform fully analogue on-chip CMOS signal conditioning to allow for linear and temperature compensated outputs

Sensors use precision digital signal conditioning

Stainless steel OEM pressure sensors offer high accuracy over a wide temperature range and digital outputs

Rugged battery powered wireless level sensor

Base station with 4-to-20mA current loop output; 2.4 GHz frequency band high power radio transceiver



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