Two sensors get the bigger picture

Vision Components offers these ultra-small products for cost-sensitive OEM applications where installation space is limited

Full health check

Mike Baker examines how field-proven sensor technology lies at the heart of structural health monitoring innovation

Versatile technology for precise measurements

Capactive sensors are known as highly precise displacement and position measurement technology, achieving resolutions well below one nanometre

Linear position sensor has improved sealing option

For demanding applications that include ride height, suspension displacement and steering angle measurement

Wireless standard harmonisation

Concerns have emerged within the standards body responsible for managing the radio spectrum allocation and wireless device conformance. Tony Ingham reviews the situation

Surface mount MEMS angular acceleration sensor

Sensor can be used for the detection of angular acceleration and the detection of rotational vibration

2mm range eddy current sensor

The eddyNCDT 3001 is factory-calibrated for both ferrous and non-ferromagnetic materials, which eliminates the need for any onsite calibration

Sensor packs precision into tiny spaces

CPL350 precision capacitive displacement sensor from Lion Precision suitable for embedded and OEM applications

Bi-directional flow sensor

For applications such as analytical instruments, anesthesia and other medical flow devices, process control, and natural gas measurement

CMOS image sensor

Delivers improvements in low light signal-to-noise ratio, visible light sensitivity and infrared performance

Temperature profiling in automotive paint shops

Connects up to 20 thermocouples, enabling highly detailed thermal profiling of automotive paint, adhesive, and sealant cure processes

Proximity and displacement sensors market to reach $5.32bn by 2020

North America is leading region with large presence of technologically advanced manufacturing companies, closely followed by the Asia Pacific

Compact sensors for high precision measurements

Suitable for the one-sided thickness measurement of different materials

Optical micrometer with HTML5 interface is smartphone-compatible

The optoCONTROL 2520 with integrated controller and Ethernet interface offers a 46mm measuring range and a maximum transmitter/receiver distance of up to 2m



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