Ultrasonic flow meter receives update

Biogas monitor now features a pressure sensor

New signal processing units for sensors

These are IECEx-certified for use in explosive environments

New transmission speed sensor ICs

These are designed to an ISO 26262 standard

Lidar accelerates hurricane recovery in the Carolinas

More accurate damage profiles enable better resource targeting

New Hall-effect magnetic sensor ICs

These are designed to maximise battery life

New thermal element differential pressure sensors

These are designed for applications like water heaters, burners and medical respiratory applications

Designing longer lasting smart home sensors

Why long lasting sensors are key to designing the home of the future

New tiny sensors for medical markets

These are designed for endoscopes and when produced in volume will become single-use

New sensors designed for automotive applications

These use Hall-effect technology for current measurement with on-chip filtering detecting faults

New entry-level scan head

This is for laser marking or subsurface glass engraving

NB-IoT demonstration at Electronica 2018

Endrich to present live NB-IoT test system in Munich from November 13th

USB sensor monitors seven parameters

Data can be accumulated for up to three months

The importance of ever-smaller sensors

Why MEMS technologies are going to be in so much demand

New Integrated Magnetic Concentrator kit

This sensor technology is aimed at motor positioning

New optical sensor for object detection

These are more compact than the range they replace

New series of passive voltage oscilloscope probes

These RoHS 2 compliant devices utilise bandwidths from 55MHz to 1.5GHz

Thermal imaging technology for future tank crew vision

Infrared camera senses heat emitted by all objects with temperatures greater than absolute zero



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