New high-resolution infrared camera

New high-resolution infrared camera for combustion chambers with small probe diameter

Smart sensor now monitors pumps

New solution begins real-world tests

New hygienic pressure sensor

This features a condensate-resistant measuring cell


New remote monitor

This enables warnings of imminent failures or underperforming equipment

Extreme high temperature position sensors

These can measure up to 1000°F (538°C)

A small gateway for serial data

The design targets the IoT

Radiation-tolerant camera gets a motor

HD unit features a non-browning zoom lens

New plug-and-play snapshot sensor

Industrial 3D detection can be used to scan for objects in bins or for automated vehicles

New high-resolution linear image sensors

These monolithically integrated CMOS linear image sensors have 2000 DPI resolution

Signal conditioner for high automation applications

This device amplifies signals and transfers them to the control unit, taking over some of its tasks

New optical sensors

These are for industrial or automotive uses such as ignition locks, adaptive headlights or electric power steering (EPS) systems

More robust sensors

Laser and thermal imaging systems now have better protection

Combined rotary encoder and inclinometer launched

Target industries include construction machinery, reach stackers, mobile work platforms and harbour cranes

Meet your new robot chef

Flippy has started work in Pasadena, California. It uses thermal and regular vision, and relies on AI to work out when to turn the burgers. It's not all plain sailing though...

New miniature sensors

These are for shear force monitoring of machining processes



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