Toshiba’s latest is for scanning shiny objects

Sensor realises 24 lines per millimetre resolution for an A4-size document

Sensor has a measuring range of 100µm

This is for measurements of surface roughness and thickness

Shaking hands with a robot

Nanotubes make the experience more life-like



Mid-range sensor comes with a CAN bus interface

This features new accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer components

Meet the Self-Braking Trolley

Ford’s prototype features road car technology to make supermarket aisles safer

Zeteo Tech to create a new biological sensor

Research begins into a new type of aerosolised threat detector

Pressure sensor for condition monitoring

IIOT-enabled device features dual outputs

Tri-axial vibration and temperature sensor launched

Wireless unit is for difficult to reach areas

Linear variable differential transformer range expands

Stainless LVDTs feature a hermetically-sealed option

Hall effect linear current sensor launched

This is designed for hybrid and electric vehicle inverters

Ultrasonic flow meter receives update

Biogas monitor now features a pressure sensor

New signal processing units for sensors

These are IECEx-certified for use in explosive environments

New series of piezoelectric force transducers

These are designed for larger measuring ranges

New transmission speed sensor ICs

These are designed to an ISO 26262 standard

Lidar accelerates hurricane recovery in the Carolinas

More accurate damage profiles enable better resource targeting

New Hall-effect magnetic sensor ICs

These are designed to maximise battery life

New thermal element differential pressure sensors

These are designed for applications like water heaters, burners and medical respiratory applications

Designing longer lasting smart home sensors

Why long lasting sensors are key to designing the home of the future



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