Will Electric Vehicles Be As Efficient As Traditional Vehicles?

Electrifying the world’s transport networks is no small task, especially considering the needs of heavier vehicles. Here Simone Bruckner considers the technical details

Charging ahead

Charging technology is absolutely crucial to the success of any electric machine. Oliver Johnson talks us through the current state-of-the-art

Science in the Golden State

California’s unique geography has meant that it’s often been a hostage to smog. Could fuel cell technology be the answer?



EBus approaches its final testing phase

Equipmake prepares to hand powertrain over to Agrale

New scooter is aimed at first- and last-mile mobility

Hyundai machine is charged whilst on-board for the last leg of the journey

UPS Ventures invests in autonomous driving company TuSimple

Trial in Arizona continues to examine the feasibility of a self-driving truck

Which bearings should cyclists choose?

These overlooked components are crucial at the high performance end of the market

Electric buses enter service in London

Alexander Dennis has unveiled the first of 37 new vehicles

Which is best for lifecycle costs - OEM or aftermarket parts?

Roger Brereton from Pailton Engineering argues the case for the former

Better transportation ideas persued in Austin

Ford and the Austin Transportation Department team up to seek pilot solutions

LA’s buses are on the road to zero emissions

Taget is set for 2030 for some of America's busiest buses

Join the internet of vehicles and make fleet management easier

Is it difficult to manage your fleet anywhere and anytime? DFI presents the all-new VC230-BT to help you ease these difficulties.

Delivering Kype Muir Wind Farm

Utilising our Nooteboom triple extendable Super Wing Carriers, deliveries of the 78 turbine blades (26 turbines in total) destined for Kype Muir Wind Farm are now complete.

Hyperloop offers rapid travel and reductions in harmful emissions

The hyperloop is more than just a pipe dream. Here, Benjamin Stafford, materials science specialist at Matmatch, ponders the design considerations for engineers developing the next generation of transportation systems

Prioritising tyre safety

Peter Tillotson discusses the importance of tyre safety, including the importance of checking tyres for pressure and wear

Space and planet-saving cleaning

Alcohol-free window wash solutions for both commercial and business vehicles



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