New lube oil from recycled waste products

Chewing gum, used fryer oil, batteries and a Christmas tree were raw ingredients

Working together to create value from carbon dioxide

New European venture aims to convert the gas into useful materials

Energy harvesting: gathering momentum

Louise Smyth meets the inventors of an innovative motion-to-energy technology that could shake up the renewable energy sector



CHP station burns around 90,000 tonnes of biomass

Biomass-fired CHP station depends on PMSXpro process control system. Horst Endter reports

High speed USB

Latest addition to Cliff Electronics range of XLR format feed-through data connectors

Bacteria’s hydrogen splitting secrets revealed

Research might lead to a cheaper, more efficient, hydrogen economy

Breakthrough means bright future for clean hydrogen power

Dr Ulrich Hintermair has developed a new material that generates renewable hydrogen fuel from water, ultimately closing the door on the need to create hydrogen from burning fossil fuels

Grid flexibility crucial to integrate renewables in Europe

Supported by smart functionalities and grid interconnections, decentralised energy generation will alleviate the region’s power woes

UK renewable energy company picks up industry award

Public Sector Project of the Year accolade bestowed on UK company, Star Renewable Energy

Determining the value of waste materials as fuel feedstock

Key to assessing the value of a waste material as a potential fuel feedstock is in determining its carbon and hydrogen content

New technologies ensure demand for wind generation remains high

Demand for wind generators remains high, particularly as new technologies can be optimised for lower-wind situations. Sean Ottewell reports

Commercial scale tidal energy comes of age in NW Europe

Two new tidal energy schemes in Wales and Northern Ireland will showcase a novel technology that is being seen by many as the way forward for this form of renewable energy generation. Sean Ottewell reports

Boosting solar cell efficiency

Low efficiency and high production costs have always dogged the development of solar cells. Now scientists in Switzerland and the US are tackling these problems with novel coating and sensitising solutions.

Research and investment in wave power strategies

The latest wave power schemes are aimed at perfecting demonstration plants, but commercial generation is getting nearer


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