"Excellence is not an act, but a habit"

How integrated technology optimises the operation

Improving production potential

Technology and innovation to help make the best decisions about where to drill and how to optimise fracking

Intelligent pigs: broadening the remit

Martin Bluck discusses today’s intelligent pigs and how technology can be leveraged to provide improved confidence to pipeline operators striving for zero pipeline failures

Compact version of cryogenic valve for marine

Developed to cater for the use of smaller diameter floats that are now being specified by shipyards for secondary level monitoring systems on LNG carriers

Pitting repairs in process vessels

Marina Silva discusses pitting corrosion in high-temperature/high-pressure process vessels and ways to repair it. She also compares the use of hot work and repairs completed utilising cold applied epoxy materials, introducing the latest innovations in polymer technology

Digitally compensated differential pressure transducers

Suitable for a variety of testing requirements, including automotive and aircraft engine test stands; leak decay; liquefied natural gas transport and storage; filtration; and flow and tank level measurements

Self-healing coating system

Stopaq visco-elastic coating systems have proved not to be vulnerable to ageing in hot water immersion tests

Pump life cycle costing

Comparison of power savings between different pumps

Specialised pumps

Netzsch has developed a range of specialised progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps for the various fields of application in the oil and gas industry

Superduplex stainless steel added to product range

New UGI 4410 superduplex from Ugitech meets NORSOK standards

Ultrasonic inspection of pipelines

Stephen R Cox and David A Harman look at the use of ultrasonics for measuring sludge and sediment levels in pipelines

Protecting sulphur storage tanks

Juan Lopez Galera and Anna Michael outline the merits of high-temperature linings for sulphur storage tanks

Innovations in tubing

Meeting the evolving demands of precision tubing for the oil and gas industry. By Brian Mercer

High-pressure compression cooler

Push Dhillon reports on a heat exchanger designed for maximum uptime in minimum space



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