Pump life cycle costing

Comparison of power savings between different pumps

Specialised pumps

Netzsch has developed a range of specialised progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps for the various fields of application in the oil and gas industry

Superduplex stainless steel added to product range

New UGI 4410 superduplex from Ugitech meets NORSOK standards

Mapping natural force damage

Ian Murray reveals how mapping can be used to add long-term value to in-line inspection

A ‘how to’ guide to breaking a pipeline

Neil Parkinson provides an alternative view of pipework vibration management

Innovations in tubing

Meeting the evolving demands of precision tubing for the oil and gas industry. By Brian Mercer

High-pressure compression cooler

Push Dhillon reports on a heat exchanger designed for maximum uptime in minimum space

Solution showcase

Roger Bours highlights a range of reliable and cost-effective operations in oil and gas

Best-suited sensors

Leila Briem explains how to specify encoders and sensors to save space, boost efficiency and cut costs

Success on the sea floor

Marcel Rexin reveals a product portfolio designed with the aim of preserving the natural underwater environment

New dual HVAC solution

Ferguson Middle East's dual HVAC system keeps offshore Gulf workers productive

Triple offset valve

Designed to address the need for zero leakage isolation in non-critical applications

Protection against data manipulation

Communication processor suitable for water/wastewater, gas lines, district heating, and electrical energy projects

Advanced active magnetic bearings

Increase the mean time between repair from three months to more than five years, reducing maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Mikhail Ponomarev reports

Needle valves accommodate for high pressure demands

Suitable for applications in refineries, power-energy, hydrotreater and hydrocracker systems

Meeting the challenge and critical needs of LNG production

Pressure relief valves which offers reduced footprint without comprising flow

Pipe fit-up optimisation software

OMS’ SmartFit service is a system for managing pipe preparation and fit-up in readiness for welding prior to pipelaying



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