How can drones be used in oild and gas applications

Louise Smyth reports on the rapidly increasing use of drones for oil & gas applications

Large orders for actuators expert

Large project orders demonstrate Rotork’s flow control abilities

Process improvements at the Bashneft oil refining complex

Software investment pays off in Russia

Subsea variable speed drive completes successful shallow water test

Joint Industry Project team pushes boundaries of traditional product development for variable speed drives

Improving riser safety with composite buoyancy

The system is designed to offset the landing string weight by up to 80%

New air/gas flow meters

These are designed for large pipes in power generation and refining

High performance metal solutions on display at ADIPEC 2017

Range of speciality tubing showcased at ADIPEC 2017 event

New gas valve offers greater precision

Sintered body also reduces clogging and offers a longer service life

Enhanced PID sniffs out aromatic compounds

Latest update designed to offer simplicity and performance for users in oil refineries and petrochemical plants

Actuators deployed in India

Sarah Kellett reveals how intelligent electro-hydraulic ROSOV actuators were specified for a tank farm expansion project

Pipeline services portfolio

Wanja Galewsky and Ramiz Selimbasic introduce a range of new services with multiple benefits for pipeline operators

Uninterrupted pump operation

A progressing cavity pump in a remote oilfield provides a constant delivery rate regardless of the product viscosity

Fluid dynamics

Vincent Lagarrigue and Nicolas Landriere on rethinking oil transfer solution analysis, selection and maintenance

Thermomechanical tank technology

Highlighting the advantages of TMCP steel plates for the construction of storage tanks

Smarter approach to preventing corrosion

Ken Rossy reveals how challenging production environments have called for an evolution of rust prevention and corrosion maintenance strategies

Efficient engines embraced by market

Brian Breaux explores how an engine expert is encouraging the oil & gas industry to adopt the latest in green engine technology

Coatings for containment systems

Exploring a monolithic-coating based approach to primary and secondary containment in the field

Safe under pressure

Eike Kobbe introduces a solution designed to keep gas pipelines flowing and enable operators to tackle any pressure changes

Proven corrosion protection for actuators

Two-layer powder coating applied to the individual housing parts before assembly



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