New Collaborative Operations Centre in Oslo

The oil, gas and chemicals industries are being targeted

New cargo tank coating

This fast-drying epoxy is aimed at the offshore oil and gas industry

Floating platform granted US patent

It's designed to help unlock marginal oil fields

Floatover success for Aasta Hansteen

The world’s largest Spar platform receives its 24,000 ton topside

Ultrasonic Inspections Safer Than Radiography

Thierry Couturier explains how ultrasonic testing is a safer alternative for radiography in pipeline inspections

Enhanced Valve Control at Tank Farm

The Shell Oman Marketing Company is using technology from AUMA to automate 74 valves at a tank farm near Muscat, Oman.

Simplifying The Delivery Of Oil & Gas Projects

Ramiz Selimbasic explains a service concept that makes it much easier for users to deliver oil and gas-related projects

Innovative coating provides long-term solution to fighting corrosion

An innovative coating approach is providing a long-term solution to fighting corrosion in petrochemical coastal assets

Sophisticated seals protect against explosive decompression

High-tech compounds help protect against explosive decompression

Dry ice blasting proves popular in the oil and gas market

Louise Smyth reports on the company that is bringing dry ice blasting to the oil & gas sector

Can AI decrease risk and boost efficiency for oil and gas companies?

Jane Zavalishina explains how AI can decrease risk and boost efficiency for oil and gas companies in 2018

How can drones be used in oild and gas applications

Louise Smyth reports on the rapidly increasing use of drones for oil & gas applications

Large orders for actuators expert

Large project orders demonstrate Rotork’s flow control abilities

Process improvements at the Bashneft oil refining complex

Software investment pays off in Russia

Subsea Variable Speed Drive Faces Testing

Joint Industry Project team pushes boundaries of traditional product development for variable speed drives

Another 20 Natural Gas Pumps Deployed In Saudi Arabia

Saudi's largest natural gas plant is expanding by 56 million cubic metres per day

Improving riser safety with composite buoyancy

The system is designed to offset the landing string weight by up to 80%



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