Actuation design evolves for potentially explosive areas

Michael Herbstritt looks at the evolving design of actuators and describes how its modular actuation technology has been adopted by a leading manifold manufacturer

Better reservoir management techniques will boost output

For one major producer, long-term investment in reservoir management techniques such as advanced simulation and steam flooding is reaping rewards

Modular actuation solutions for major refineries

Michael Herbstritt reports on the use of 'plug-and play' actuation technology as part of a modular design ethos to ensure rapid connection

Need for powerful cranes drives development technologies

One of the biggest offshore slewing cranes in the world has just come into operation, driving developments in broader crane technology. Sean Ottewell reports

CCD sensor for low-level X-ray detection

Hamamatsu Photonics' C10650 X-ray TDI CCD sensor for low-level X-ray detection provides high sensitivity, high resolution and high dynamic range

Shale gas can be a 'game changer' for North America’s energy future

Provides potential for near-term CO2 cuts, but presents long-term challenges, study says

$11bn cost of banning Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling

Datamonitor says current production of oil in deepwater areas in the GoM corresponds to nearly 1.8 million bbl/day

Accuracy diagnostics of liquid ultrasonic flowmeters

Joshua W Rose looks at the specific diagnostic capabilities of liquid ultrasonic flowmeters and how diagnostic information can contribute to maintaining high accuracy custody transfer measurement

Ethernet switches provide a redundant network infrastructure

Italian LNG company turns to Ethernet switches which meet DNV, IEC-61850, IEEE1613 standards

Lifting of heavy cargoes

The BigLift fleet comprises nine heavy lift vessels equipped with their own heavy lift gear

World's energy leaders gather for ONS 2010

The oil and gas industry continues to deploy new technologies in order to reach more challenging reserves, improve reservoir recovery and achieve environmentally friendly production

The attraction of magnetic bearings for end users

Michael K Swann looks at a solution that turns most aspects of magnetic bearing commissioning and machine troubleshooting over to the OEM and end-user

Smart wireless transmitters monitor storage tanks

Self-organising wireless network reduces installation costs and enables online monitoring of vapour pressure and levels in tanks

Combined maintenance and inspection strategy leads the way

SKF is helping TOTAL E and P Indonesia with its first maintenance and inspection strategy for one sea-based gas extraction plant and four land-based processing plants

Mega projects take centre stage in production

Whether it is petrochemicals, LNG or still-to-be-developed resources, mega-projects are the way forward when it comes to processing

Electric actuators in oil and petroleum industries

Michael Herbstritt looks at how the Indian Oil Corporation and Petro SA are using modular electric actuators



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