Contamination control made easier ... and better

While cleaning hose and tube assemblies has traditionally been done using a fluid flushing method, a relatively new 'dry' technique is gaining popularity. Eric Van Alphen reports

Combustion blowers optimised for gas-fired burner systems

Applications include boilers, water heaters, digital printing equipment, electronic cooling, industrial processing

Making in-flight pasta entrées bellissimo!

A pasta maker is supplying airlines with pasta meals, blending traditional pasta making of old world Italy with the latest technology in continuous-flow pasta cooking and cooling. Jim McMahon reports

Mixers focus on energy efficiency and customer service

Mixer suppliers are not only releasing more energy efficient models, but users can now avail themselves of 'test drive' programmes to make sure that what they buy is being optimised for their needs. Sean Ottewell reports

Peristaltic pumping tackles tricky processing problems

Peristaltic pumping offers a host of advantages over conventional pumping techniques, especially when coupled with the latest control technology. Sean Ottewell reports

Tsurumi launches YouTube channel

Videos mix animations with live-action footage to demonstrate pumps in working condition

Hot gas filtration contract for gasification plant

Porvair signs a $10-15m agreement to supply char filtration equipment to Posco’s Gwangyang facility, South Korea

Arc welding equipment and filler metals: bright prospects lie ahead

Global market expected to increase from $11.70 billion of 2010 to $19.29 billion by 2017, says survey

Valve stem seal with counter-pressure lip

In addition to a conventional sealing lip, also seals the valve stem from the exhaust gas stream

Flow meter offers ease of hot tap installation

Suitable for industrial process intake water, feed water, chilled water, cooling water, fire water, water recycling, effluent discharge

Fixed-orifice flowmeter

Construction consists of a rugged stainless steel to help withstand system pressure of up to 3000 psig (206.7 bar)



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