Thermostats for industrial processes are sealed to IP65

Spelsberg is introducing the HT range of thermostats that are sealed to IP65 for use in industrial temperature maintenance applications

Cabinet cooler with heating for temperature control

Rittal's compact cooler units now also benefit from a heating capability so that they can control temperatures within small enclosures to within +/-1K

Peristaltic pumps for biodiesel plant

Seal-less design peristaltic pump, with no valves or moving parts in the product stream, provides cost savings

Ultra low NOx burners in practice

In 2007 Maxon International engineered and manufactured a heating system for Boliden, a Swedish mining company. Boliden needed an ultra low NOx burner to heat the ventilation air, which is blown into the underground mining systems. The requirements on NOx levels where extremely stringent

In-house processing for semi-finished or final products

Services offered include high-definition plasma, oxygas profiling, bevelling, laser profiling, drilling and countersinking

Drives cut costs for dryer users

Drying machinery for industries including food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and waste processing

Vacuum solutions from research to mass production

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers research and experimental coating systems along with the new pump series

Regenerative blowers with explosion-proof ac motors

Rotron EN and CP blowers suit environmental remediation and chemical processing applications

Intelligent sealing solutions for higher efficiency

Stringent hygienic demands in critical food processing and life science applications

Synchronisation monitoring for actuators

SIPOS Aktorik solution is achieved without the need for special programming in an external PLC

High precision temperature control systems

Unistat can be controlled via the touchscreen or with the encoder as the pilot is sealed inside the chamber

TPU 'holds key to low lifecycle costs'

TPU diaphragms have more tear propagation resistance than conventional elastomers

All-electric tube bender

Includes laser correction system to meet demand for higher precision

Sealing materials improves asset reliability

Thermiculite sealing technology was developed by Flexitallic to provide a successful seal across the widest spectrum of chemical processing technologies

Thermal fluid heating saves on energy

Reducing costs and carbon footprint and improving efficiency through modernising machinery and infrastructure

Five-axis gantry mill raises bar for manufacturing of tall parts

Adjustable cross rail extends vertical work zone to machine parts up to 7.5m high, increases stiffness and improves flexibility

Fibre optic initiative advances actuation

Expanding demand for fibre optic technology leads to new AUMA interface

Permanent shaft sealing solution

The Inpro/Seal Air Mizer is a permanent shaft sealing solution on product handling applications across multiple industries



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