Positive energy

Steve Schofield on ESOS assessment and the business opportunity we must embrace

Smarter vehicle pretreatment

The phosphate sludge that is removed from the pretreatment basin is fed into the chamber filter press using a flow- and pressure-regulated Turo vortex pump

Heat transfer: the hot topic

Clive Jones reveals the best way to keep your heat transfer system under control

Accumulating interest

David Oakland describes how steam accumulation can be harnessed to aid steam plant design and secure higher energy efficiency

Pump industry awards announced

The British Pump Manufacturers Association has announced the dates for the 2016 Pump Industry Awards

Maintenance plan

Bert Zorn explains how to achieve added value through maintenance in the field of tube bending machinery

Flow regulator valve secures investment

Oxford Flow, a developer of precision engineered products, has secured the first investment from Oxford's new £320m investment company

New hot air blower

Leister launches its Mistral air blower solution, a new concept for its product portfolio

Information retention is key for optimum pump performance

Not recording the performance of key pump areas can hinder future maintenance practices as there is no operational benchmark for comparison

Load sensing valves configurator

To aid the specification process, the new M4 Configurator allows users to navigate through a guided selection process

Chains help keep frost at bay

Frost Removal System that blasts dry, compressed air in a pulsed motion across the fin face of the evaporator to eliminate the frost build up

Additive manufacturing of compact burners

Euro-K set out to produce a compact micro-burner that can handle both gaseous and liquid fuels efficiently

Circulating pumps with high pressure

Huber Kältemaschinenbau introduces the new Unistats ‘P’ for applications with high pressure drops

Three-lobe handwheel for frequently cleaned environments

Targets bottling plants, canning lines, filling and packaging, dispensing and tableting machines

Prepare your pumps for winter

Pumps expert Andy Cruse calls on businesses to prepare and maintain pumping equipment now, to enhance productivity and ensure business continuity



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