250V time delay fuses for DC systems

Fuses provide enhanced protection and safety features for domestic and industrial applications

High efficiency 40/50 Watt DC-DC converters

Suitable for use in a broad range of mobile and portable board mounted applications

Surface mounted SO8 isolated current transducers

Open-loop Hall effect ASIC-based current transducers to measure from 10A up to 20A DC, AC or pulsed

DC-DC converter minimises design footprint

Uses a fixed 2MHz switching frequency, enabling designers to minimise external component sizes and avoid critical frequency bands. Nick Flaherty reports

Regulated 10kV power supplies for sensitive equipment

Suitable for integration into sensitive equipment for a range of applications, including electrophoresis, spectrometry, and test instrumentation

Low power AC/DC power supplies for PCB mount

Modules certified to safety standard EN 60035 for easy integration into household appliances

Four-channel current-feedback power amplifier IC for car audio

Integrated device supports speaker protection functionality and better sound quality

Power supplies for use in demanding industrial applications

IDEC’s new power supply line improves upon existing models and features superior price/performance ratios

Eliminate interference in electrical systems

EMC specialists identify excessively high leakage currents, their causes and offer suitable corrective actions

Straight to the coolest battery

Fronius optimises traction battery utilisation with the Cool Battery Guide Easy

The evolution of new battery technologies

Batteries are now being included much earlier in the product design stages, meaning they can be developed to fit the needs of the manufacturer. Neil Oliver explores the evolution of battery technologies

Silicon carbide power MOSFETs

For faster switching, high temperature power conversion topologies and systems

Reliable resistor supply

Martin Nicholls discusses why replacement resistors are still needed for legacy systems



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